The Lucky Counselor

Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole;
I want Thee forever to live in my soul.
Break down every idol, cast out every
Now wash me, and I shall be
whiter than snow.
Lord Jesus, let nothing unholy remain,
Apply Thine own blood
and extract ev’ry stain;
To get this blest cleansing,
I all things forego—
Now wash me, and I shall be
whiter than snow.
Lord Jesus, Thou seest I patiently wait,
Come now, and within me
a new heart create;
To those who have sought Thee,
Thou never saidst “No,”
Now wash me, and I shall be
whiter than snow.
Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than
Now wash me, and I shall be
whiter than snow.


I can still see her. She came off the bus filthy and ripe after the long ride. None of the other children wanted to be around her. As I was wondering who would be the lucky counselor for that week of camp, I heard my name called over the loud speaker. I was that lucky counselor.

I greeted Jasper with a smile, trying not to wrinkle my nose as I entered a not-so-fragrant cloud. She was all smiles as I gave her a hug. “Lord, pleeease help me to show her Your love this week.” I knew that this would not be a natural one for me.

That week felt like it lasted a year. As a counselor, I hated cabin clean up. I had thirteen girls in my cabin, and it was quite embarrassing to lose the cabin clean up competition day after day. That week I cried over the stress of the competition. This group of girls was the most challenging. They were SO messy! And there was this odor that I could not place. I knew where it was coming from, but I did not know what.

I went to the “counselors’ mom.” She was a sweet, older lady that was there to help us. I was not a rookie, but this was beyond me. She helped me take all of Jasper’s clothes and her sleeping bag and wash them. The next day the odor was still there. We washed it all again the next day…and the next day.

During the daytime when I was not washing clothes, we had different activities as all camps do. Jasper hung on me like a love-starved child. I started to smell also. Praise the Lord that He took over and helped me to show His love.

On Thursday I discovered the problem. One of the other girls accidentally laid her light-colored towel on Jasper’s bed. When I picked it up to hang it, I discovered stains. Jasper had started her monthly at camp, and no one had ever taught her what to do. I had not discovered it before because all her clothing and her sleeping bag were dark. The beds had a plastic coating like so many camps use. I cannot tell you how many cans of cleaner and disinfectant were used on her things that week.

Wow, did I get an education as I had to explain to the poor girl what was happening and how to take care of it. The poor thing thought that she was dying. That night, she went forward after the preaching, and I had the joy of leading her to the Lord. She said that she couldn’t take me home with her, but she wanted to take Jesus home with her. She finally felt love…and I felt ashamed.

All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). I knew that I did not have a natural love for Jasper. I struggled all that week. I knew that she saw the Lord through me; however, I knew how I fought my flesh too. I dreaded her hugs. I complained to other counselors. All my righteous deeds were filthy (or menstrual) rags. Everything that I did in the flesh was rotten and foul-smelling. Only when I walked in the Spirit were my actions pleasing to God. No amount of disinfecting, good works or appearance could cover up the stench of my pride or my flesh; yet God chose to use me to lead her to Him…and to show me how great His love is in the process. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be the lucky counselor!

Written by Marie Krueger. This article was published in the Spring 2012 edition of The Beautiful Spirit magazine.
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