Don’t Take Your Apron Off Yet!

We find mentioned in the Bible two types of servants: hired servants and bond servants. Hired servants receive wages and have certain rights. Bond servants (actually slaves) receive no wages and have no rights….

Open Your Eyes

“It would be wrong to turn a blind eye, Lulu,” my heart shouted. “But you’ve got both kids on the motorbike and you are already late to school,” my head answered. “You can’t do much.” “Yes, but God can.” I looked back and saw the old man carrying a woman in the hot blazing sun….

The Influence of an Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day in northern Arizona…that is if any day in northern Arizona can be considered ordinary. The crisp, brrrr-chill mornings with the smell of pine needles greeted us every day. Each morning as we walked out the door of our home, the scene was breathtaking. The majestic San Francisco Peaks and the…