Kara’s Secret

Kevin realized that sharing the secrets of happiness with Abigail brought great joy to him also. For these “secrets” – words, actions, and time – are not difficult or costly. However, we must be consistent in sharing these secrets with others.

Don’t Draw Back

A life of faith is true dependence on the Lord that results in obedience. In the early years of our ministry, a lady commented to me what a privilege it was for us to live by faith since most children don’t have to depend on the Lord for what they will eat the next day.At…

A Shining Spirit

Have you ever been with someone who, after spending time with them, makes you feel as if you’ve been with God? A person whose countenance glows and whose spirit shines? I have. After I wave good-bye, hang up the phone, or conclude reading correspondence from them my spirit soars. Why? Because I have encountered one…

Open Your Eyes

“It would be wrong to turn a blind eye, Lulu,” my heart shouted. “But you’ve got both kids on the motorbike and you are already late to school,” my head answered. “You can’t do much.” “Yes, but God can.” I looked back and saw the old man carrying a woman in the hot blazing sun….

You Have a Gift

Written by Starry Heinze. About three years ago I came to the conclusion that we are gifted from the Lord. Yes, that is correct. We are all gifted – me, you, and the person next to you. My husband and I now live in Colorado, but Les grew up in Michigan, I grew up in…